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Welcome to Fusion Soccer Club. The Recreation Program is the foundation of Fusion Soccer Club. The program is designed to give each player the chance to play for the love of the game without the emphasis of high level competition and time commitment.The purpose of the Recreation Program is provide the opportunity an opportunity for the participant to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including a life long love of the game. The Recreation program runs only in the fall season which starts in July and ends in November. Teams are coached by a volunteer parent head coach who is required to attend various Fusion Soccer Club coaching  seminars, that provide them with insight and confidence to coach young soccer players. 

Recreation has teams from U5 > U18. The program is offered to Boys and Girls. There is no limit to the amount of teams in the program but teams will be made up of 12 players for the U9, U10 and U11 teams. U12 thru U18 has 15 or 16 players on. 

Recreational Age Group Matrix CLICK HERE

Teams will play in a house league created by Livermore Fusion Soccer Club and will be registered with CYSA.

Recreation Registration Opens February 15th 2015 - Closes May 15th 2015

2015 Recreation Program Costs

Cost of Recreational Program:  $206 
Pay with Cash or Check and receive $6 discount (Discount applies to payments made in full only)

Automatic Payment Plans

You have a choice of participating in a automatic payment plan. Input your debit/card details on registration and Fusion SC will process your payment automatically on the following days.

Automatic Payment Plan 1 Automatic Payment Plan 2 
1. Today - April 31st $56 1. Today - June 30th $106
2. May 1st  $50 2. July 1st $100
3. July 1st $50
4. September 1st $50  

Coach Selection
You can volunteer as a parent coach for any team. There is no expectation with experience and Fusion SC will provide coach education before the season starts. Coaches will also receive a curriculum and player development program to work with. 


Develop . Inspire . Achieve
We aim to develop every player on and off the player. Fusion SC professional coaches focus on including life lessons during the season and help the players grow up in a positive environment. Sport has a truly unique quality which allows players to understand life lessons from a different view. 
For a player to truly excel in their own development Inspiration must burn from within. Fusion SC strives daily to keep this flame strong and help it grow bigger. 
It is recognized that to achieve big goals smaller goals are needed to keep motivation high. Here at Fusion SC bite sized goals and realistic goals are given continuously. For younger players this is really essential, as attention and task focus is hard to keep. 

Program Benefits

·  Free Pro Clinics based at Cabernet Indoor Sports
.  Free Goalkeeper Training

·  Age Appropriate Player Development Plan

·  Year Round access to Club Office and DOC

·  Priority on reserving Livermore soccer fields
.  U7-U10 Fusion World Cup All- Star Event
.  U12 - U14 Fusion Cup - Recreational Tournament

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