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2009G DPL Shine

By Fusion Staff, 09/01/23, 2:15PM PDT


The Fusion 09 Maroon Girls started the Fall 2023 season by showcasing their skill and unwavering determination as they competed at the Silverlake’s Showcase Tournament in early August and took home the championship. The tournament took place in Norco, CA, with teams from all over the region vying for the title.

The Fusion girls demonstrated their prowess on the field, combining precise passing, quick footwork, and strategic gameplay to secure a convincing win. Their teamwork and strong communication were evident in every match, allowing them to maintain control and dictate the pace throughout the tournament.

Coach Rico’s dedication to the team's development played a crucial role in preparing them for the event and it showed through the success on the field.

In addition to their success at Silverlake’s, they used the same skills and determination at the Sacramento Tournament shortly after. The team battled their way through the stages, and came through victorious for another championship title.

The victories at the Silverlake’s Showcase and Union FC Champions Cup in Sacramento add to the team's growing list of accomplishments and also serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to development. As they took their talent to the DPL Kickoff weekend, they finished on top at Saturday’s game, and finished the weekend 1-1. We are excited to wish them luck as they continue their 23-24 DPL Season. The DPL will give them more opportunities to be seen by national recruiters and give them a bigger stage to showcase their talents.