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Loose Change for Cancer Research

By Fusion Staff, 10/05/23, 1:15PM PDT


FTS Boys Raise Funds for Childhood Cancer

September was Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, and our FTS 2016 Boys wanted to do their part to spread awareness and raise funds. As the boys battle on the field, they also wanted to support families who might be fighting the battle of their life.

*Everyday 47 children are diagnosed with pediatric cancers and federal funding only spends four percent of its budget on pediatric cancers. Our coins can make a difference, and at each training session in September the boys collected loose change and it really added up!

The boys were able to raise $339 this month in loose change and donated it towards Unravel. 

Unravel is a 501(c)3 nonprofit working to bridge the gap in funding for pediatric cancer research. With the help of warrior families and their communities, Unravel raises awareness of the need for this research and the funds to support it. Unlike the typical grant funding model, Unravel gives unrestricted funds to innovative pediatric cancer researchers, which removes barriers and accelerates the development of more effective and less toxic treatments for children with cancer. 

As an added bonus, we “fluttered” families. To spread awareness, we delivered a dozen dragonflies (the logo for Unravel) and an Unravel sign to the teammates’ houses each night. This is an annual fundraiser Unravel does each year and the Fusion families were honored to participate and spread awareness about pediatric cancer.  It was a wonderful opportunity for our team to see the impact they can have off the field… as they bond and form friendships on the field. 

To learn more and get involved, please visit the Unravel Pediatric Cancer website here:

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