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DPL Summit in Dallas

By Fusion Staff, 03/21/24, 4:00PM PDT


Our 2010 and 2011 girls DPL teams embarked on an exciting journey to Dallas March 7-10 for the DPL Summit, where the teams competed against incredible competition from all across the USA. Despite the weather bringing extreme wind and rain cancelling the first two days of games, the girls remained resilient and determined to have fun.

The 2011s had two strong games against opponents from North Carolina and Washington and finished the weekend with a solid 3-2 win. The 2010s played against teams from Oregon and Arizona both ranked at the top of their conferences and also finished the weekend with a 2-1 win. Both teams showcased great determination and excelled in utilizing the principles the teams have been working on all Winter. 

During their time in Dallas, the girls took the opportunity to strengthen their bonds through various activities, including a visit to the iconic AT&T Stadium, where the Cowboys play, as well as enjoying a fun session of bowling and celebrating a team member's birthday. These experiences not only fostered camaraderie among the girls but also taught them the importance of teamwork and unity, qualities that will undoubtedly benefit them as they transition into their NPL journey in the upcoming seasons.