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Program Guidelines


PLAYER BEHAVIOR ON THE FIELD - If a player, usually younger ones, are not fully participating with the team, seem distracted and unwilling to play, cry all the time, hits others, there might be something going on that the parent needs to be aware of and address. The club supports its coaches and their great volunteerism to coach the players. The coaches have a responsibility to coach the players. While they can help with small issues off the field of play, it is expected that parents will address issues of basic commitment and behavior with their child. If the coach can help, please offer suggestions. Everyone's goal is a positive and fun time for everyone!

Fusion SC games are officiated under the US Soccer Federation. Fusion SC and the Livermore Referee Association (LRA) meet to review special modifications for the Recreational programs. The links below will outline the modification for U5 - U12. There are no modifications for U13 and above.

Under-18 Two 45' halves
Under-16 Two 40' halves
Under-14 Two 35' halves

Please note that in the end, the referee's judgment and decision on the field is final, regardless of the US Soccer Federation or Fusion SC rules or guidelines.

Overview of Age Group Guidelines


Age Group  Players  on Roster  


on the Field


 Time per Half  


(Same as US Soccer Federation, with the following modifications for Recreational)

U5 & U6  8  

no goalie

(played in 4 qtrs. of
8 min. each)

 Substitutions: Any stoppage by either team.
Roll in a ball from the coach to restart the play. The ball goes to the team that didnt kick the ball out of bounds
 No offside

 No direct or penalty kicks; 6-yards clearance for indirect kicks.

U7  9 5
(4 field plus goalie)
 2 X 20 min.  Same as U5 & U6
U8 9  5
(4 field plus goalie)
 2 X 20 min.  Same as U5 & U6
U9  11-12  7
(6 field plus goalie)

 Substitutions: Throw-in by own team; goal kick or after goal by either team; half-time.
One retry on improper throw-ins.
 No direct or penalty kicks;
Opponents must be 8-yards away before first touch

  11-12  7
(6 field plus goalie)
  25   Same as U9
 12-13  9  30
 No Heading
Free kicks are indirect; Opponents must be 8-yards away before first touch
 16-18  11  35  Same as US Soccer Federation
 16-18  11  40  Same as US Soccer Federation
U17 - U19
 16-18  11  45  Same as US Soccer Federation

For any questions, please contact: 

Director of Coaching,

Recreational Program Coordinator, 

Director of Recreational Program,

Livermore Fusion Soccer Club