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Player of the Week

Each week during the Fall soccer season, we select a Fusion Rec or Evolution Player of the Week who best embodies the Word of the Week (taken from our Club Values). Coaches nominate players for the award, and an internal Selection Committee selects the winner.


Each Player of the Week gets the following:


  • Facebook shout-out
  • Instagram shout-out
  • Featured in club newsletter

Player of the Week for "Achievement" is:


Grace is a part of the U12 Fusion Cup winning team, GOATS. Her favorite position is forward, and she loves playing because it brings her family together. Everyone in her family has played soccer. 

Grace loves Jack Skellington (from Nightmare Before Christmas), her favorite food is pasta, and she loves PE because she can be outside. Someday, Grace wants to play for the US Women's National Soccer Team. Go for it, Grace!

"Grace is our regular goalie, and a great one at that. However, she also is a great striker, but only gets half the opportunities because she plays goalie. Grace really wanted to get a score this season, and she achieved her milestone by scoring five goals in a 3 game span, including a hat trick in one game, during the Fusion Cup to spearhead our championship run. It was truly an amazing achievement on her part." -Coach Tony Watt

Congratulations, Grace!

Player of the Week for "Determination" is:


Calum is a part of the U8 Rangers, and thinks soccer is so fun! He loves playing with his teammates and spending time with his dad at practice and games. Calum's favorite position is striker because he loves running fast and scoring goals.

When he grows up, Calum wants to be a garbage man because he wants to drive the truck and use the controls to pick up the garbage. He loves Marvel movies, and his favorite character is Iron Man because he can fly and shoot beams from his hands.

At school, Calum likes to do fun projects and crafts in art class, and his favorite food is a cheeseburger with ketchup. 

"Calum is hands down the "Fusion Player of the Week" and should probably qualify for "Fusion Player of the Year". Calum broke his arm in a soccer game with about 5 weeks still to play in the season. Up until then he was one of our hardest working players who always brought the biggest smile and most positive attitude to every practice and game. When he went down with the injury our team was shocked. Calum, being one of the most determined players we have continued to come to every practice and every game to be on the bench cheering his team on with his broken arm. He never missed one!! As a coach I greatly appreciate Calum's mental toughness and ability to overcome adversity with such a positive attitude. He is a great inspiration to all of our Rangers and our club." -Coach Justin Charbonneau

Keep it up, Calum!

Player of the Week for "Teamwork" is:


Noah plays with the U12 Hornets and loves soccer because it's a fast sport. His favorite position is center midfield and he wants to be an engineer when he grows up. At school, Noah's favorite subject is math because he's good at it.

Coach Chantel Benson had this to say about Noah:

 "not only does Noah talk to his teammates but he shares the ball and helps others stay in position. He is a wonderful teammate and friend to all on the field."  

Way to go, Noah!

Player of the Week for "Inspire" is:


Tristan is a part of the U7 Livermore Lasers, and he loves playing soccer because he likes playing with his friends and scoring goals. His favorite position is center midfielder, and he wants to be Kylo Ren when he grows up.

At school his favorite subject is art, he loves to draw and color pictures. Tristan's favorite food is ice cream. 

"Tristan is always giving his all when he’s on the field. Not only does he do his best, but he’s encouraging of others. He passes to his team mates and thinks ahead to what he needs to do to best support his team during a game and at practice. Tristan is inspiring to his team mates and we appreciate the positive energy he brings to the game!" -Coach Jess Weisz

Great job, Tristan!

Player of the Week for "Development" is:


Scarlett is a part of the U8 Kicking Cowgirls and loves soccer because it’s FUN! She likes to test out her skills and challenge herself against other teams. Her favorite position is being a forward so she can score goals and wants to be a veterinarian someday.

Scarlett loves Moana, Elsa and Olaf and her favorite school subject is math because she loves to solve problems and be challenged; and her favorite food is spaghetti!

“Scarlett has been so driven to succeed this season. She comes to practice with a positive attitude, ready to learn and have fun. Her effort level is high and she asks questions to keep improving her game. Scarlett is a go-getter and is offensively minded. She has worked hard this season to harness the drive she has and develop control in her game. Scarlett is now dribbling with speed while maintaining control. She is reading the game and positioning herself into space. She utilizes turns and moves quickly to shift the play of the game. Scarlett is determined, does not give up, and saw the results this past game with scoring 3 goals! It was such a joy as a coach to see the translation of her hard work. More so, it was a joy for me to see her see it. She was driven, put in the work, put in the effort, was determined, and saw the result. I am so proud of Scarlett's development over this season.”  -Coach Laura Hillyard

Congratulations Scarlett!

Player of the Week for "Leadership" is:


Lauren plays for the U10 Zooming Zebras and loves soccer because she gets to meet new people, enjoy practice and help her team during games. She likes all the positions, but goalie is her favorite.

When she grows up, Lauren wants to be a food blogger or a soccer player. Her favorite movie characters are Buttercup from the movie Princess Bride and Kiara from Simba’s Pride. Lauren likes her history class because of the songs they sing in school and her favorite food is grilled cheese.

“Lauren would make a great player of the week for leadership because she leads by example. Lauren comes to every practice and game ready to play with a smile on her face. She is willing to play any position she is given even though it might make her nervous. At the last game she did an awesome job playing goalie for her first time. Although she took a ball to the face right while warming up, she still went in and was able to block all the shots.

We are so proud of her for trying something that scares her. This is her very first time playing fall soccer. Lauren always listens at practice and tries her best. This makes her a great leader for Zooming Zebras!”  
-Coach Alison Pschier

Great job Lauren!

Player of the Week for "Community" is:


Kyle plays on the U16 Arsenal loves the thrill of competition with soccer. He enjoys playing defense and being physically active (which is why PE is his favorite subject at school).

Kyle's favorite movie character is Deadpool and he wants to be a psychologist someday. When he eats out, his favorite food is potstickers with ginger soy sauce. 

"Kyle has shown time and time again how big of a leader he is. The team listens to him because he is kind and respectful. Always early and always helps clean up after practice and games. Without being asked. He also helps clean up after other teams and put equipment away whether home or away game. This is the same at school. Helping teachers and kids where he can. He is happy to do so too! Never a complaint from him, has great ideas, is a leader, a great brother, teammate, friend, neighbor, volunteer with soccer and at school for the community. Kyle always has a smile on his face. He is tall and if a kid runs into him he makes sure they are okay. Even at goalie. He is truly one of the best humans I have ever met. He has the biggest heart! They donate his old clothes. He shares his goalie gloves with the team. Even the other teams.

I hope he gets picked! He is a sophomore and has no idea how great of a person he is or even his strength. This kids future is bright! Anyone lucky enough to have met him all agree he is #1 pick!"

Thank you,
Coach King

Congratulations Kyle!

Player of the Week for "Coachable" is:


Elizabeth plays on the U8 Space Cheetahs loves soccer because she gets to play with her friends. After volunteering to be goalie in a game, it became her favorite position to play! Elizabeth hopes to be a professional athlete when grows up (maybe soccer?). Elizabeth is a big fan of Sisu from Raya and The Last Dragon, and she loves blueberries. In school, Elizabeth’s favorite subject is math because she likes solving problems and puzzles.

“Elizabeth shows up to every game and practice ready to learn a new skill. She is focused and listens intently to coaches. I think the time she most embodied this was when she threw up her hand to volunteer to be goalie in our first game. She had never played the position before. She listened closely to our guidance and was chasing and diving for balls from the moment she stepped into the goal.” -Coach Meghan Peterson

Great job Elizabeth!

Player of the Week for "Creativity" is:

"Lino" (Leonel)!

Lino is on the U6 Little Dino Dudes and loves playing because his dad is the coach. He enjoys playing forward and his favorite movie characters are Sonic and Shadow because they are both fast!

When he grows up, Lino wants to be a Police Officer on Thursdays, and on Fridays he wants to be in space as an Astronaut.

"Leonel always has something creative to say before, during or after practice/games. He has suggestions on how to make drills more fun, ideas on some “trick plays” we can use to fool the other team, and is very creative coming up with ideas out on the field for how to get the ball, dribble and score. I think he has a very imaginative mind and loves to share his creative ideas."   -Coach Brian Shaw

Way to go Lino!

Player of the Week for "Fun" is:


Ryan is on the U7 Lightning Bolts and loves helping his team get better! He also loves to score goals and has so much fun playing soccer. He likes to be in midfield where he can play both offense and defense. 

Ryan's favorite class is Science because they learn cool things, and he loves Lightning McQueen because he's so fast! AND, his favorite food is PIZZA.

"Ryan is a role model soccer player and teammate. Not only does he play at a high level, but his excitement and positive energy is efficacious. Ryan has brought out the best in our team and every player on it. You can find Ryan on the pitch dancing after he puts the ball in the back of the net, or celebrating when a teammate does. He's always trying to get teammates to do fun celebration dances."   -Coach Monte Martella

Great job Ryan!

Player of the Week for "Respectful" is:


Chloe is a part of the U9 Wacky Watermelons, and her favorite position is midfield. She likes to be part of a team and make new friends.

A few of Chloe's favorite things include chicken tenders, History class (she likes learning about old things), Ariel from "Little Mermaid" and she wants to be a Veterinarian when she grows up.

"Chloe has always been a very respectful player. Sometimes the girls on the team can get a little silly and many times at practice I have to try to get certain players to focus and listen or participate. I have not had this issue with Chloe and don’t expect to. She is very attentive at games. At first I thought it was mostly shyness, but now having her on the team for months, and listening to her when she is called upon, I think the core quality she has over many players is her respect for her coaches and teammates."  -Coach Brian Shaw

Way to go Chloe!

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