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"New" Evolution Program Details

Evolution Program - Why?

Livermore Fusion Soccer Club has fielded questions and survey comments in regards to improving the player development pathway from Recreational Soccer to Premier Soccer. 

In the past the jump was too big for those players looking to progress into Premier Soccer at the older age groups or the players at the younger ages, key ages, did not receive the coaching and attention they needed to build a foundation of soccer ability. 

The Evolution Program is designed to do what is states, help players and parents evolve with Club and Professional Coach support throughout the ages U9 thru U15. 




The NEW Fusion Evolution program (formerly Select) has been designed for players who want to take the next step towards raising their competitive level, without playing year round. The Evolution program runs only in the Fall season, which starts the first week in August and ends mid-November.

U9 Thru U12

  • Every player must tryout. This is not optional. Tryout information will be posted once the Club has a better idea of when we can return to the fields based on state mandates.
  • Teams will be fully coached by our Professional Fusion Premier staff with up to two selected parent volunteer assistant coaches. Teams will practice twice per week and participate in 8-10 league games during the season with their professional coach.

U13 thru U15

  • Every player must tryout. This is not optional. Tryout information will be posted once the Club has a better idea of when we can return to the fields based on state mandates. The reason for tryouts at these ages is to ensure rosters are built up of the best players who register for the age group. If we have 20 sign up, but are looking for a roster of 16, we will take the best 16 players.
  • Teams will be coached by a selected parent volunteer and will also receive 16+ professionally coached training sessions from a Fusion professional coach during the season. Teams practice at least twice per week, once with the professional coach, and a minimum of once with the parent coach. 

U16 thru U19

  • Tryouts will not be held for these age groups.
  • These teams will participate in a traveling Fall Regional Soccer league under NorCal Premier at the level of Nickel or Bronze. 
  • Players in these age groups must CLICK HERE to register

Tryouts - Every player within the U9-U15 age groups must tryout for the Evolution program. Tryout information to be announced.

Evolution is an AGE pure program offered to Boys and Girls within the U9 > U15 age groups. There is no limit to the amount of teams in the program but each team will be made up of approximately 11-12 players for the U9 and U10 teams, approximately 12-13 players for the U11 and U12 teams, and 16-18 players for the U13+ teams. 

Teams within the program will play under NorCal Premier at the level of Silver or below. As the teams are formed, Fusion will determine the appropriate level of play for each team, and register them appropriately for each team's level.

The NEW Evolution program will have 1-3 teams per age group/gender depending on enrollment and skill level.  

2020 Evolution Program Costs:

  • U9-U12 (2012-2009) = $995
  • U13-U15 (2008-2006) = $700

Registration Opens March 1, 2020 and closes August 1, 2020**.

**UPDATED 7/1/2020** After August 1st all registrations will be accepted on an as needed basis. If teams need a player to fill a roster, late registration will be accepted. Players will also be required to pay a late registration fee of $50

Automatic Payment Plans

You have a choice of participating in an automatic payment plan. Input your debit/credit card details at checkout and Fusion SC will process your payment automatically on the following days.             

**Payment plan options only available if player registration occurs before the payment due date(s) listed for each plan

Payment Plan 1

 > Day of registration $1

 > May 15, 2020
     $331.33 (U9-U12); $233 (U13-U15)
 > June 15, 2020
     $331.33 (U9-U12); $233 (U13-U15)

 > July 15, 2020
     $331.34 (U9-U12); $233 (U13-U15)

**This plan was updated as of May 2, 2020

Payment Plan 2

 > Day of registration $1

 > April 15, 2020
     $248.50 (U9-U12); $174.75 (U13-U15)

 > May 15, 2020
     $248.50 (U9-U12); $174.75 (U13-U15)
 > June 15, 2020
     $248.50 (U9-U12); $174.75 (U13-U15)

 > July 15, 2020
     $248.50 (U9-U12); $174.75 (U13-U15)

Payment Plan 3

 > Day of registration $1 

 > May 15th, 2020
     $165.67 (U9-U12); $116.50 (U13-U15)
 > June 1st & June 15th, 2020
     $165.67 (U9-U12); $116.50 (U13-U15)

 > July 1st & July 15th, 2020
     $165.67 (U9-U12); $116.50 (U13-U15)

 > August 15th, 2020
     $165.67 (U9-U12); $116.50 (U13-U15)

**This plan was updated as of May 2, 2020

Payment Plan 4 - NEW

 > Day of registration $50

 > July 1, 2020 = $236.25 (U9-U12); $162.50 (U13-U15)              > July 15, 2020 = $236.25 (U9-U12); $162.50 (U13-U15)
 > August 1, 2020 = $236.25 (U9-U12); $162.50 (U13-U15)       > August 15, 2020 = $236.25 (U9-U12); $162.50 (U13-U15)

Financial Aid

If you are interested in applying for Financial Aid, please complete the Financial Aid Application via the link below. You will need to submit a copy of 1040 Page 1 from your 2019 tax return, along with any other supporting income documents you may have (including financial assistance programs received, if any). If your income or work status has recently changed from 2019, please provide documentation of this as well. Applications and supporting documents must be received by June 15th, in order to be considered, and may be emailed to or mailed/dropped off at the Fusion office, located at 1976 Fourth St, Livermore, CA 94550.



All players will be required to purchase a new uniform, which will be worn for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons. (ordering info sent once teams are formed)

Total estimated uniform: COST = $150 plus tax

Refund Policy

We understand that circumstances may change between registration in the Spring and the start of the soccer season in the Fall.  Relocation, injuries, change in schedule or interests are some examples. There are administrative costs that the organization incurs with registration and planning for the season (administrative, staff, insurance, etc.). Therefore, the refund amount is reduced the longer you wait to cancel your registration and apply for a refund.

Below are the refund policy guidelines for requests made for the 2020-21 season (UPDATED 7/28/20):

  • Requests submitted thru June 30, 2020 = refund of 100% 
  • Requests submitted between July 1, 2020 through August 15, 2020 = full refund minus $35 admin fee
  • After Aug 15, 2020 = no refund unless program is canceled

If the program is cancelled, and never started, a full refund will be given minus a $35 admin fee.

If the program begins, and is cancelled at any time during the season, a prorated refund will be given based on the amount of time the program was active.