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Recreation Program 2020


Thank you for expressing interest in our 2020 Recreational Training Program! We are excited to be able to offer your players this opportunity to train with our professional coaches. At this time, we are only accepting registrations for the 2nd session and the following options are available:

·         Once a week, for 6 weeks - $120 (Wednesdays OR Fridays)

·         Twice a week, for 6 weeks - $220 (Wednesdays AND Fridays)

The benefits of this type of training:

Exercise - Stress relief, provides energy, supports a healthy body and mind

Seeing friends - Being around teammates and friends from school gives players happiness 

Individual Athletic Development - Maintaining health and wellness through continuous skills training

Details on training program:

Session two – October 14th through November 18th (Wednesday training option) or October 16th through November 20th (Friday training option)

At this time, we ask that you please commit to your preferred session plan via the registration link HERE. The registration also contains a section for you to list up to 3 friends within the same age group whom you would like to be placed with. While we cannot guarantee that all requests will be accommodated, we will do our best to ensure as many as possible. Please do not send requests via email as we are not able to track that amount of data in such a format. We appreciate your understanding and support on this.

We know that the final decision for some families is based on the schedule. While we cannot say with certainty what group your player will be placed in, we are currently working to fill time slots as follows:

·         4:00-5:00pm = 2014 & 2013 (U7/U8)

·         5:15-6:15pm = 2012 & 2011 (U9/U10)

·         6:30-7:30pm = 2009 & 2010 (U11/U12)

·         7:45-8:45pm 2008-2002 (U13+)

We will do our best to place all groups based on the times mentioned above, however, please note that it may be necessary to move some pod groups to a different time slot depending on how many players register in each age group so that we can maximize field space and provide placement for as many players as possible. If the above mentioned times do not work for your family, please send me an email and we will change your survey response to “refund” so that it can be processed for you accordingly.

Space for this program is limited due to field space and staffing limitations, so we recommend registering for all options that you may be interested in participating in at this time. Once you have registered, an invoice will be sent to you to collect the program fee that coincides with your selection.

Please note that it is REQUIRED for all parents and players to watch the Return to Play Safety Protocol video BEFORE returning to the field. You may view this video HERE. We also request that everyone review the Townhall video HERE to ensure everyone is clear on all protocols and expectations that are currently in place for players, parents, and coaches.

Thank you again for your support. We look forward to seeing your player on the field!