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Fall Recreation Information


Welcome to Fusion Soccer Club. The Recreation Program is the foundation of Fusion Soccer Club. The program is designed to give each player the chance to play for the love of the game without the emphasis of high level competition and time commitment. The purpose of the Recreation Program is to provide an opportunity for the participant to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including a life long love of the game. The Recreation program runs only in the fall season which starts in August and ends in November. Teams are coached by a volunteer parent head coach who is required to attend various Fusion Soccer Club coaching  seminars, that provide them with insight and confidence to coach young soccer players. 

Recreation has teams from U5 > U14 (2017-2008)

We have Regional Play for U15 > U19 (2007-2003)

The program is offered to Boys and Girls. There is no limit to the amount of teams in the program. Recreational age groups are birth year pure from U5 thru U10 then combine every other year for U12 & U14. Traveling Regional League age groups are combined as U16 & U18/U19, depending on their birth year and available age groups in their division.

U5-U14 teams will play in a house league created by Livermore Fusion Soccer Club and will be registered under CYSA. All U15-U19 players will participate in Regional Play under US Club Soccer in the NorCal Premier Nickel or Bronze division. 



  • 3-4 month fall soccer program
  • 30+ hours of soccer for your player during the season
  • 8 Fusion Friday Clinics - Pro Coached
  • 8 Goalkeeper Training Clinics - Pro Coached
  • Year Round access to Program Coordinator
  • Priority on reserving Livermore fields
  • Player Insurance for all players
  • Free clinics for every player
  • Quality playing fields for weekend games
  • U7-U10 Fusion World Cup All- Star Event
  • U12 - U14 Fusion Cup Tournament


Friend or Coach Requests - Fall 2021

We are just as excited as the players to be back on the field, and to further support their transition back, we are providing players with the opportunity to request to be placed with up to 3 close friends OR a favorite coach. 

Please make note of the following requirements for placing requests:

  • Requests are optional and will only be accepted at the time of registrationDue to the volume of participants in the program, requests sent via email or phone will not be considered.
  • In order for requests to be considered, all requested individuals MUST be from within the same Age Group (birth year) and Division as the player making the request.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests are not guaranteed. While we will do our absolute best to accommodate as many as possible, there are factors that go into team formations which may not allow for all requests to be honored (roster limits, amount of teams, etc).  

We appreciate everyone's understanding as we aim to support each of our Fusion members to the best of our ability. 

2021 Program Fees

U5 & u6 (2017 & 2016) = $295

U7 thru U19 (2015-2003) = $345


**UPDATED 5/21/21** A $25 late registration fee will be applied June 15th-30th, $50 FEE will be applied  JuLY 1st-14th and $75 applied AS OF july 15th 

You have a choice of 4 payment options. Everyone must complete the registration and make a payment selection. Automatic payment plans are by credit, debit or ACH only online.

Pay In Full

Make one single payment at the conclusion of registration by credit, debit or an ACH transaction

**NOTE: Payment plan options are only available if player registration occurs before the payment due date(s) listed for each plan. Registrations completed after a posted payment date will collect the balance due up to the point of the next future scheduled payment.

Payment Plan 1

 > Date of registration - $147.50 (U5/U6) OR $172.50 (U7+)

 > Remaining balance deducted automatically on June 1st - $147.50 (U5/U6) OR $172.50 (U7+)     


> Date of registration - $98.33 (U5/U6) OR $115 (U7+)

2 additional payments automatically deducted as follows:

 > May 1st - $98.33 (U5/U6) OR $115 (U7+)

> July 1st - $98.34 (U5/U6) OR $115 (U7+)

Payment Plan 3

> Date of registration: $59 (U5/U6) OR $69 (U7+)

> 4 additional payments of $59 (U5/U6) OR $69 (U7+) each, automatically deducted on the 1st of each month in April, May, June & July.


Pay offline

This option is only available for those families applying for Financial Aid. Please contact the Fusion Office for more info, if interested.

Refund Policy

Fall Recreational Program

We understand that circumstances may change between registration in the Spring and the start of the soccer season in the Fall.  Cancelations, relocation, injuries, change in schedule or interests are some examples. There are administrative costs that the organization incurs with registration and planning for the season (administrative, staff, insurance, equipment, etc.). Therefore, the refund amount is reduced the longer you wait to cancel your registration and apply for a refund.

This information is as follows:

  • Requests submitted thru May 31, 2021 = Full Refund, minus $25 admin fee
  • Requests submitted between June 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021 = 30% refund
  • Requests submitted between July 1, 2021 through July 14, 2021 = 50% refund
  • Requests submitted as of July 15, 2021 = No refund unless the program is cancelled.

If the program is cancelled, and never started, a full refund will be given minus a $25 admin fee (per player). 

If the program begins, and is cancelled at any time during the season, a prorated refund will be given based on the amount of time the program was active.

Why an admin fee? Staff members must be paid to prepare for the running of the programs throughout the year. In addition, league and insurance fees are paid for each player upon completion of their registration to participate in the program. The admin fee is to cover these costs and ensure no debt is created.

Financial Aid

If you are interested in applying for Financial Aid, please complete the Financial Aid Application via the link below.  Applications must be received by June 15th, in order to be considered. Please expect to receive a call within 5 business days of submittal, to schedule an appointment at the Fusion office in order to determine eligibility and set up a payment plan. You will need to show a copy of 1040 Page 1 from your 2020 tax return, along with any other supporting income documents you may have (including financial assistance programs received, if any). If your income or work status has recently changed from 2020, please provide documentation of this as well (i.e. EDD letter, layoff notice, current paystub, etc).

For questions regarding any portion of the Financial Aid application process, please call 925-443-7570, option 1, or send an email to


  • Player League Insurance
  • Field Rental
  • Field Lining
  • Player Registration fees
  • Player Passes
  • 1 Ball Per Player
  • Referees
  • Pop-ups at every field
  • Team benches at every field
  • Live Scan (coaches’ background checks)
  • Goal and flag replacement and repair
  • Medals/Trophies
  • Coaches’ equipment (pinnies, cones, ball bag, shirts)
  • Training for coaches and game monitors
  • Coaches meetings
  • Club Insurance
  • Utilities/Website


All Recreational & Regional players are expected to purchase the CURRENT style of uniform and wear it for the designated seasons. 

Recreational Uniform:  $50 plus tax

All uniforms will be available for purchase beginning in mid-July at Soccer Pro, Dublin located at 6635 Dublin Blvd. They are the only supplier of  the Fusion SC uniform.

Livermore Fusion Soccer Club